About us

Founded in 2003, Simulation Training Consultancy specializes in simulation-based educational products and programmes. We customize training programmes according to our customers' needs and conduct the programmes at their requests.

Distribution of educational simulation products.
Design and conduct experiential courses.
Design and develop simulation products.
Learning must be useful and effective. Knowledge gained must have direct applicability in real world situations. Simulation provides a virtual world for learners to practice and turn information into real learning.
  • In life, a decision is seldom decided by one factor. Free flowing information adds to the complexity.
  • While others see simulation tools as the end, we see simulation tools as the means.
  • We specialize in creating an experiential learning environment in which students are being immersed into a multi-factor decision-making process on 'rubber meets the ground' issues.

We believe in the provision of holistic education through simulation platforms alongside added facilitation.